Networking Guide

In simplest terms, networking is communicating with people about your research or career interests. The career benefits of a strong professional network are extensive: learning about different careers, getting advice from people working in that field, and establishing contacts who may know of useful training or job opportunities.

How do I network at Careers Outside the Academy?

All of the guest speakers at #COA16 are here because they are interested in helping graduate students. They have successfully navigated the transition from PhD/MFA to career, and they have a wide variety of insights and experiences that they are willing to share. To take advantage of #COA16 networking opportunities, we recommend the following prior to the event:

  • Research #COA16 speakers. (Use LinkedIn, Google, and company websites)
  • Prepare an elevator pitch  (Learn how here)
  • Spruce up your Digital Identity (Get a new picture, join LinkedIn + Twitter)
  • Develop 1-2 specific questions (Examples here)
  • Follow up. Connect and thank individual speakers

Networking Resources