Teaching at a Liberal Arts College

Angela Miller Keysor,
Assistant Professor, Allegheny College
PhD History, University of Iowa.

Currently an Assistant Professor of History at Allegheny College.  Angela teaches classes focused on the history of women, the history of healthcare and the body, the history of Colonial and Revolutionary America and Atlantic World history. Specificall
y, she is interested in understanding the transition from community healthcare to institutional healthcare in American society and how this shift affected care of the poor.

Be confident and persevere!  I found success on the job market when I shifted my attitude from one of: “Oh, God, I really need an academic job and if I do not get one my world will end!” to “I am talented and have a range of skills.

Angela suggests emphasizing the teaching skills you have gained at the University of Iowa when you are on the job market.  These skills are very appealing to small, liberal arts colleges and are somewhat rare among recent PhD recipients.  Create a detailed section on your CV to address your teaching skills/experiences.

photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/alleghenycollege