Research in the Private Sector

Matthew McNeil
Bioinformatics Scientist, Integrated DNA Technologies
PhD Neuroscience, University of Iowa

Miami University (undergraduate) – Research into neuro-muscular junction formation in pupating fruit flies using electron microscopy.

U Iowa. (PhD) – In Rob Cornell’s developmental biology lab, I studied the importance of a cation channel (TRPM7) to the development of skin pigmenting cells, dopamine producing neurons, and swimming.

U Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Post doc) – Studied the neuronal and molecular substrates of food reward processing in honey bees. For this work, I developed an ISH labeling and 3D analysis method, and I collected and analyzed hundreds of bee brain transcriptomes using RNAseq.

After moving back to Iowa City with my wife for her job, I was able to secure a platform talk at the Integrated DNA Technologies NGS symposium in October of 2014. After my talk, I was offered a job as a contract worker (paid by hour) to help out with their bioinformatics needs. Later, I was able to translate that into a full time position working in bioinformatics.

At Integrated DNA Technologies, I write software and run analyses to help the company develop products. These products are designed to be purchased mostly by researchers who want to ask biological questions. My work often involves developing the assay itself and testing that it works for the desired purpose.