Welcome to Open Doors

A career education series for graduate students and postdocs,
Open Doors seeks to explore the expanding market for PhDs and Graduate students.

Open Doors Conference (formerly Careers Outside the Academy) offers an opportunity to hear from speakers who have parlayed their graduate educations into impactful careers outside of the academy. Sessions on career exploration will feature guest panelists who will describe their journeys from graduate school to careers outside the academy. The sessions’ Q&A format will allow panelists to share practical advice and innovative thinking about how to prepare for and pursue careers outside the academy.

Videocasts explore the expanded market for doctoral graduates. From teaching at a liberal arts college to doing research in the private sector, the Open Doors Series invites you to join in career conversations with PhD recipients across the country. Join in the conversation from anywhere! If you miss the live stream, conversations will be recorded and available for viewing on the Open Doors website.

Resources on Networking are also available to help start the conversation. While networking often feels like a struggle, graduate school is actually an ideal time to learn about careers and meet new people. Use your resources to develop a career plan that aims you towards a variety of career options.